Municipal Law

Building that new house is a lot more complicated these days than finding good labor and pricing your materials. Complex zoning codes and nuanced permitting processes may land you before the local Board of Zoning Appeals.

The attorneys at The Gareau Law Firm Company, L.P.A. have over 40 years of combined experience in municipal law matters, having gained such experience from Michael R. Gareau, Jr. serving as both the chairman of the North Olmsted Building Zoning and Development Committee of City Council and being elected the Director of Law for the City of North Olmsted as well as Michael R. Gareau's 28 years of service as the Director of Law for the City of North Olmsted.

These attorneys have a thorough working knowledge of the process and can guide your project to a successful completion. Other areas of municipal law practice include:

  • Civil Service
  • Zoning, Development, and Land Use
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Recall
  • Initiative & Referendum Petitions
  • Election Law
  • Open Meetings ("Sunshine Law")
  • Public Records Issues